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Jacksonville businesses that use our fire alarm systems

What we offer

  • Fire system design
  • Fire system installation and monitoring
  • Sprinkler monitoring
  • Fire inspections
  • Emergency Evacuation Systems (EVAC)
  • Elevator monitoring
  • Emergency call station monitoring

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How we'll custom design your fire alarm system

  1. Listen to your needs

    Your fire safety specialist will listen to you about your fire security needs.

  2. Investigate

    Like a trained detective, your fire safety specialist will investigate your business' fire security weak points alongside other factors that will impact what equipment you need.

  3. Design

    We'll design a code-compliant system and present it to you alongside the price to install. We'll compare it to other competitors' systems, saving you time.

  4. Enjoy "hands free" setup

    No guessing for setup. Our professionals install everything for you. Then we monitor your business 24/7 for fires.

  5. Plan for growth

    Finally, we'll help you plan for your fire detection needs down the road as your business grows.

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