The Most Vulnerable Time for Your Home

December 24, 2018

When you envision a home burglary, you likely think of it happening in the quiet of night. You probably imagine a masked burglar finding a sneaky way into the home and going to great lengths to not wake the residents before he can steal anything. This expectation of the typical home burglary is far from the truth. About 60 percent of all burglaries in the United States occur during the day.

Why Burglars Strike During The Day

The average home is most vulnerable during the daylight hours because the home is more likely to be vacant. Back in 1961, just over 15 percent of all home burglaries occurred during the day. Women had not fully immersed themselves in the workforce and people worked shorter hours in general.  Today, most women work outside of the home, kids are at school more hours than ever and the parents likely work full-time. This makes the daylight hours the perfect opportunity for a home burglar to strike. Large and empty homes are the ideal targets for burglars. There are few people around to even take note that a burglary is occurring.  The burglar looks for the easiest way to do his job.  The hassles of night that require the burglar to sneak in, make little noise and then sneak out without drawing attention to himself is a difficult task during the calm of the night.  During the day, the burglar can create the illusion to your neighbors that he is at your home for a reason, posing as a service worker or door-to-door sales person.

Create the Impression of an Occupied Home

Although you spend most of the weekday hours away from your home, you can take preventative measures to protect it when it is at its most vulnerable. Leaving the tv or radio on during the day can make burglars think you are home.  Always park your car in the garage.

How To Protect Your Home When It Is Most Vulnerable

Aside from adding high security locks to your doors and windows to your property to protect your home from a burglary, you can also take some other important security measures. Consider installing a state of the art home security system to scare away potential thieves. This way, you will be able to go to work without worrying about the safety of your home and your most valued possessions. Be sure to kick proof your front door so that the burglar has to spend some serious time trying to access your home. Improve your home's locks for an extra layer of security by keeping shrubs cut short, the lawn mowed and toys and tools put away.  Never hide your spare key in an obvious place around the home. Take the time and effort to strengthen your home's weakest points, whether it is the garage door or pet entryway.  There is always a part of the home that can be better secured

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