The Most Vulnerable Areas in a Security System. A Jacksonville Tech Explains.

November 12, 2018

When designing a security system, there are the obvious points you think about: doors, windows and possibly camera systems to cover these points. Quite often, once these devices are installed, the security system is left and expected to secure all areas of the home. However, there are many more areas that may need to be protected in your home and overlooking these areas is common.

Here are 5 key areas that may be overlooked when it comes to securing your home and how you can work with home security systems to strengthen these vulnerable points.

Garage Door

Garage doors are often left out of a security design.  However if your garage is connected to your home then it is important that you have a system that incorporates your garage door. Bates Security now offers a new type of sensor to alert you via your security system should you forget to close your garage door or should your door malfunction and open at any given time. This sensor is designed to be mounted on tilting surfaces, making them perfect to secure to your garage door. When paired with remote security services, you can receive notifications on security system activity via text or email.

Small Valuables

Adding contact sensors to select areas of your home such as jewelry boxes, gun cabinets or china hutches can let you know when the area has been tampered with. This can be valuable not just for stolen property, but also if you have children or others in the home and you wish for them not to have access to particular items. By adding a sensor or contact point to each individual area you can be notified as soon as the safe, cabinet, or box has been opened.


Water damage due to the failure of plumbing appliances is more common than you think. With 28% of homeowner insurance claims being submitted due to water damage it is important to be notified when these areas in your home fail. Water detection systems work by placing sensors in areas such as laundry rooms, basements or by your water heater. These sensors can be monitored 24 hours a day so instant notification is sent when water starts to leak. Early notification means less damage.

Chimneys and Ventilation Systems

These are major points of entry that can be overlooked when designing the layout of a security system, resulting in additional weak points in your homes security. Added security such as specialized locks or sensor points can help strengthen these vulnerable areas.

Wireless Monitoring

Not only are telephone land lines becoming a thing of the past, their use is also declining for home security system monitoring. Burglars understand that by cutting the land line communication, they eliminate the monitoring station from receiving alarm signals. Wireless security systems are becoming more and more popular to be the source of monitoring station communication.


As you can see there are many areas in your home that may be overlooked when it comes time to installing home security systems. Securing these areas and having them monitored by a professional security company will ensure that your home is protected 24/7, providing you complete peace of mind. Our professional consultants are training to check all the vulnerable areas in your home to be sure no weak spots are missed.

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