How To Test Your Security System? A Jacksonville Tech Explains.

January 21, 2019

As experts in home and business security, we at Bates Security have come to understand that periodically testing security alarms is of utmost importance. It's also much simpler than it sounds. Knowing your system is functioning up to par is partly what contributes to peace of mind. Here are some tips on how to test security alarms.  Keep in mind that testing your system will activate the sounder, so be prepared for the siren!

Open Sesame

Whether your home or business, be sure to test signals within the premises and those from the premises to the monitoring center. Depending on your system, you might have to test your security system while in its "ready" mode or by arming it and fully setting off the alarm.

To test signals within the premises:

  • Arm the alarm system to ready.
  • Station a helper at the keypad.
  • Open up protected doors and windows one at a time.
  • Confirm with your helper that the keypad display registers doors and windows as they're opened and closed.
  • Repeat this test for any other sensors that are applicable to the system you have.

Another way to test security alarms within the premises is by setting and waiting for the system to fully arm itself, usually 30 seconds to two minutes.

  • Exit the premises.
  • Wait another minute and then reenter the premises.
  • Allow the alarm to sound for a minute or so.
  • Disarm the system.
  • Perform the test several times, using various points of entry to the structure in question. Or arm the system while you're inside the premises and then move around to test the motion sensors.

Think of alternative ways to trigger your alarm. Followup by calling the monitoring center and confirming that they successfully received a signal from your test and which kind of signal they received. Our Bates Security monitoring center is always available to assist you. We are a local company, so we're able to respond to you promptly and politely.

Partners In Crime ... Prevention

At Bates Security, we appreciate, respect and encourage your desire to test the security alarms in your business and home every so often. Call us at any time and ask us to help you test your system.

We can put your system in test mode. This is one way to prevent false alarms while testing signals within your home. It also allows you to test signals from your home to the monitoring center.

After we put your system in test mode:

  • Perform the same steps that you might for testing signals within your home.
  • Arm your system and test its accuracy at detecting motion and the opening of doors and windows.
  • Verify that our monitoring center has received a signal by giving us a call.
  • When you're finished, we'll take your system out of test mode at your request.

We're In This Together

We take enormous pride in our knowledgeable, helpful staff, the very heart of any company. Our locality gives us an added advantage over national home and business security companies, also. We don't merely serve our community; we're a part of it.

Our impression on you is as important as your safety is to us. That's why we check backgrounds and drug test all prospective employees, and it's why we never subcontract out our work. We're committed to providing you with the highest degree of security options and helping you sustain your sense of security long term.

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