Security Changes Needed

November 04, 2019

Are you busy going through day to day not thinking about criminal activity? You shouldn't have to! Your attention should be dedicated to your business and other business decisions. It is our responsibility to keep up with security trends, new technology and criminal hacks. Let us help you manage your  business with what we know best and help you lower shrinkage, avoid criminal activity and have a safer working environment.

Critical Areas Needing Protecting

During your free consultation, your Bates Security representative will review your current security system and safety plan, and ask you your most concerned security needs. 

Depending on your business layout, concerns and assessment, your Bates Security consultant will make sure to work with you to create the best solution customized to your individual security needs. 

Security Features Available

Business Security Options

Intrusion or Burglary 

Access Control

Fire Detection and Alarms

Video Surveillance

For any security service, monitoring and service is always an option. Be able to monitor your business from anywhere at the palm of your hand! Save time and maximize your control with remote management. Remotely arm and disarm your security system, view live video and security history, update authorization levels and much more!

At Bates Security, we don't just sell products, we provide service. We take a consultative approach to security which is completely free! Our security professionals find exactly what security services you need and where. Then, we install it all for you and teach you and your employees how to use it. Never guess with Bates Security! Get your free consultation TODAY! Call (904) 900-1640

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