5 Items You Would Hate To Lose In A Burglary

December 10, 2018

Having your house burglarized can be a very traumatic experience in itself, but it can be made much worse by losing objects which are either irreplaceable, too expensive or that have sentimental value to you. Here are 5 things you would hate to lose in a burglary, which can almost always be prevented by a few simple tips including a home burglary system.

• Family heirlooms

This can include items such as jewelry, which may have some monetary value, and items like old buttons, pocket knives, etc, which are important reminders of your family's past.  Contacts can be put on jewelry boxes and cabinet doors via your security service that work the same way entry door contacts work.  You can be notified if a cleaning service or repair service opens something they should not be opening.

• Keys

When keys are stolen, it forces the victims to have to go through a long and arduous process of changing locks on nearly everything they own - and quickly. Home entry locks and vehicle keys can be very expensive.

• Guns

Not only can stolen guns be used to commit more crimes, but the process of reporting your guns as stolen and going through a lengthy police investigation can be daunting. Do not brag or advertise your gun collection on social media or in a crowded area where people can hear you.  Always keep your guns locked away.  

• Pets

Indoor pets may suddenly have an avenue to escape their home in the event of a burglary. The way the burglars enter might also be the way your pets leave your home. "Beware of Dog" signs and/or burglary alarm company signs will deter someone from smashing a giant hole in a glass door or breaking out an entire window in order to gain entry to your home, preventing you from having to scour the entire town for a runaway dog or cat.

• Money

Cash and sometimes even coins in coin collections are often not completely covered under a homeowner's insurance policy. Keep your money in a bank or safe deposit box outside of your home.

Taking the right steps to prevent yourself from becoming a burglary victim is important if you do not want to lose personal items.   If you would like to read about more ways to prevent a burglary, click here.

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