Jacksonville Business Security Solutions During Pandemic

April 09, 2020

During this time of increased uncertainty caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19), our highest priority is continuing to provide peace of mind to our customers, employees, and community. Our partnership with law enforcement, our communities, and customers becomes more important than ever. 

As companies prepare for changes to regular business operations, they should also consider how their security systems can help mitigate risks in the wake of COVID-19.  Our security consultant teams are ready to respond if you have any needs. 

How to Utilize Security During Uncertain Times

Businesses are more vulnerable to crime while facing short-term closures.

Many businesses are being forced to close for an indefinite period of time while other businesses are asking staff to work from home. This creates opportunities for thieves who know that your business is unoccupied.  

Adding potential damage and loss is another financial burden that business owners should not have to worry about during this time.  

Access Control

As many organizations make operational decisions, they should revisit their lock/unlock and alarm schedules to ensure their buildings are properly armed. If your business currently has access control, ensure your response is reflected in your access control system. Whether you use Bates Security or another provider, communicate with customer service about your building's new schedules of operation. 

Visitor and Employee Management 

Access control also makes sure the right people have access to the right areas of the building and can be integrated with intercom and alarm systems. A simple line of defense to mitigating health, safety and security risks is to utilize your visitor management system with proper screenings. 

Learn More About Visitor Management Systems

Remote Management

Remotely managing your business is easier now than ever before! It is essential to ensure your building is properly protected while you are off-site. With Bates Security's remote technology, you can use any web capable device to do any of the following... 

While organizations continue to evaluate their security and their response, it is important to take inventory of the equipment and products you have at your business that may help you reinforce the safety and security policies of your organization.

Verified Security

Bates Security offers verified security, which means if your business has a break-in, our operators will be notified by impact-activated devices and can directly communicate with the police of the event.  Learn More About Verified Security

Working From Home Tips

  • Dress For Success: Dress up in 'work' clothes each day. While pajamas are definitely more comfortable, they may lead to a comfy state of mind that you and your employees don't want to end up in. 
  • Check Off Your To-Do Lists: Make daily to-do lists about everything which needs to be organized work-wise and personal-wise. 
  • Have the Right Technology: Managing multiple businesses and employees? Let Bates Security take some responsibilities off your hands as we provide 24/7 monitoring for your business and allow you to manage multiple buildings and employees access controls from one-point of contact. 

Bates Security Assessment

Bates Security is here for our clients in their most critical times of need, even when you can't be at your business. Now is the time to evaluate your security plans with Bates Security's free consultation

We can do remote consultations, design a security system to fit your needs and have it professionally installed, while taking every recommended step to keep your employees safe.

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