Industries for Security Upgrades

May 20, 2019

Have you updated your commercial security system recently? Your business could be in danger of theft and burglary. Act now to prevent advanced criminals from destroying your business.

Business owners often notice that their security system needs to be updated after it is too late—vandalism, theft, violence, etc. If you work in one of the following industries, consider updating your protection over your business and employees. 

Administrative Offices

All businesses are vulnerable to risks involving workplace violence, stolen money and information theft--especially those without equipped security. 

Security cameras currently installed in these businesses can potentially record what is happening but the crime is detected after the fact it happened and when the criminal is gone. It is beneficial to have someone monitoring real-time so the criminals can be stopped before crimes occur. Bates Security offers 24/7 wireless monitoring to detect any potential crime, fire, or harm in your facility.

Residential Management

Buildings, apartments and houses are usually secured by simple cameras or a simple key-lock method. This system may have worked in the past but criminals surpass these measurements with advanced techniques. It is time to upgrade to a security system with more safety for your business and tenants. Access Control can be a helpful tool when considering security within buildings. Access Control has the ability to authorize users’ access, monitor access, generate entry and exit reports and more. 

Having a monitored system installed at your property will protect your business from theft, fire, vandalism and other expensive crime renovations. Upgrade with Bates Security to discourage criminals or detect them when attempting a crime.  

General Store Businesses

Owning a business, of any type, can acquire several threats on a daily basis of theft, shoplifting, burglaries and more. 

Criminals have evolved and so should the technology be protecting your business. Your poor security coverage will encourage people to attempt more criminal actions since it is not equipped with theft preventative items (security systems). Security measures can be taken as a precaution against theft or burglary in your business.

Bates Security offers a complete customized security system personalized to your specific needs. Contact us today for your free consultation to get your custom-designed security system.

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