Fall Security Tips To Keep Your Business Safe

October 01, 2019

As the seasons change, keep your business safe with some fall security tips. Although it is still warm in Florida, Fall has officially begun. The season brings lots of football and campfire chats but can also bring increased security risks to your business. With shorter days, there are more hours of darkness for burglars to take advantage of. For your security and safety, follow some simple tips to keep you and your employees safe this Fall. 

Make This Fall Lit

Many of us work late and may not get home until after dark. Be sure to have the outside of your facility well-lit as people leave at the end of the day. Having enough outdoor lighting can protect you and your employees as they leave for the day/night. Having the inside of your building as well as the outside can help deter thieves. 

Lights, televisions and other electronics can be set on timers so that your office looks more occupied. Call us at (904) 900-1640 to get more information about office automation.

Keep Your Business Well-Maintained

Trees and shrubs around your business need to be regularly maintained. If the outside becomes overgrown, there are more places for burglars to hide. The trees and shrubs can also block visibility to your front door and possible deter potential customers. 

Updated Security System

Having a Bates Security system in place and that is working properly can help ensure your employees and property are all safe at all times. Our commercial wireless monitoring services gives businesses more reliability and peace of mind knowing they are in complete care. 

Are you already a customer? Contact us for your FREE preventative maintenance visit. We will make sure everything is working properly and that your workplace is safe. 

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