Employee Spotlight

November 18, 2019

At Bates Security, we are thankful for each employee. Matter of fact, we are nothing without them! Our employees are like family and we appreciate everything they do to make us the best. 

Meet Tony Williams, our Operations Manager. Tony has been at Bates Security for almost two years. Tony started the 15th of January in 2018 and we have been thankful for him ever since!  He has grown into the operations management position and continues to support our team and help drive our team in the right direction. Thank you Tony for everything you do!

What Tony Loves About Bates...

Tony shares what he loves about working at Bates Security. From January of 2018, there has been a lot of growth that he has witnessed to Bates Security in Jacksonville and to the company as a whole. 

From two branches, Bates Security now has 4 branches-- two in Florida and two in Kentucky. Tony says that he loves being part of the growth and being able to see first-hand the benefits of team work and development. 

About Tony Williams...

Outside of work, Tony is very involved in the community by volunteering his time with Special Olympics in Duval County. Special Olympics provides year-round sports training and competition for this community. Tony spends his time throughout the year assisting with over 15 sports and helping the growth of athlete leaderships and developing healthy athlete programs. When he isn't working or volunteering, Tony loves spending time with his friends and family and golfing when he gets a chance.

Work With Tony

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