Church Security: Protect Your Community

January 07, 2020

Ensure a safe space for people to worship, learn and grow! As a believer in helping our community, Bates Security is here to ensure churches and their pastors are aware of some solutions available to ensure their place of worship remains safe. It is important to have a plan in place so we have gathered a few steps in creating a security plan for churches.

Creating a Security Plan

  1. Create your security team to discuss and evaluate your current security.
  2. Take an inventory of physical and information assets. What needs protected most?
  3. Have a clear communication plan for entire congregation, members and community.
  4. Remember to include unexpected emergency situations (Church Evacuations, Medical Plans, Threats, Extreme Weather, etc.)
  5. Discuss with security professionals at Bates Security to ensure you are covering the most of your facility.
  6. Develop Your Plan! 

Business Security Options

Bates Security Solutions for Churches

Verified Intrusion Detection: Monitor your system for break-ins 24/7.

Video Surveillance: Monitored cameras can help provide an account of what happened in case of theft, injuries and other incidents.

Fever-Detection Cameras: Perform health and fever screenings as members walk through your church or organization to keep the community safe.

Access Control: Manage and automate the schedule of locking and unlocking doors.

Monitored Fire Detection: Keep your members, visitors and church safe! The fire department will be called as soon as the fire alarm rings! 


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