What if you witnessed your neighbors being burglarized constantly?

You'd want to do something about it, wouldn't you?

That was the mission of Sonny Bates, the founder of Bates Security.

You see, as a Dallas police officer, he arrested his fair share of burglars. But he couldn't catch them all. He saw so many families and businesses broken into, and he worked with them to improve their security.

But Sonny could only do so much to help...

So, in 1984, Sonny and Pat Bates started Bates Security to provide premium security that people could truly count on to keep them safe.

Although Sonny and Pat are still involved in the business, the day-to-day operations are now in the hands of their kids, Jeremy and Bryan, who grew up in the business. They understand the fundamentals of solid security and customer service, which carries over into our company's guiding principles and they have grown the company to be one of the top 100 security companies in the nation.

Our 3 guiding principles

1) Don't sell, serve

We take a consultative approach to security. That means we don't just sell you equipment; we send a security professional to your home or business to find exactly what security equipment you need and where. Then we install it all for you and teach you how to use it, so there's no guessing on your part.

2) Use only quality security equipment

As a police officer, Sonny saw how cheap security equipment was about as useful as having no equipment at all. That's why, to keep you safe, we only install sturdy security equipment that's tamperproof.

3) Provide local customer service that cares

When you need customer service now, do you want to talk to a recording on the phone? Probably not! When you call us, you'll always get live customer service at our local customer service center.

Ready for police-trusted security?